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The Dr. Sanet Lecture Series - Muscle Energy Technique

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Elements of MET have been described and documented for many years. Fred Mitchell Sr. D.O., F.A.A.O. is generally given credit for developing the MET system in its modern day form.

Muscle Energy offers a complete approach to diagnosis and treating somatic dysfunction with an arsenal of both direct and indirect techniques.

With MET, the patient performs an isometric contraction wherein the following physiologic changes occur:

Golgi tendon organ activation results in direct inhibition of agonist muscles.

1- A reflexive reciprocal inhibition occurs with respect to the antagonistic muscles.
2- As the patient relaxes, agonist and antagonist muscles remain inhibited allowing the joint to be moved further into the restricted range of motion.
3- Muscle Energy Technique can be used whenever somatic dysfunction is present and/or whenever there is a need to normalize abnormal neuromuscular relationships; improve local circulation and respiratory function; lengthen restricted muscles and or mobilize restricted joints.

In this course you will be introduced to history, application, theory and technique of Muscle Energy. The application will be demonstrated and applied in class to all areas of the body. You will be taught proper technique and then guided through practical application with a high teacher to student ratio to promote the full understanding of the material in action.

  • Muscle Energy I - Introduction & Cervical Spine
  • Muscle Energy II - Thoracic Spine
  • Muscle Energy III - Ribcage
  • Muscle Energy IV - Abdomen, Lumbar, Sacrum & Pelvis
  • Muscle Energy V - Oculocephalogyric Reflex
  • Upper & Lower Extremities, Isotonic & Isolytic Applications
  • Spinal Mechanics I - Cervical
  • Spinal Mechanics II - Thoracic
  • Spinal Mechanics III - Mechanics of Harrison Fryette, D.O.
  • Spinal Mechanics IV - Lumbar
  • Spinal Mechanics V - Sacrum