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The Dr. Sanet Lecture Series - Visceral Manipulation: The Thorax

The Dr. Sanet Lecture Series - Visceral Manipulation: The Thorax

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Visceral I: The Abdomial Organs is not a prerequisite for Visceral II: The Thorax.

The thorax is unique in that it must provide protection to the vital organs while at the same time allowing for reasonable movement and protection of highly vascular organs.

This lecture focuses on manipulation of the viscera of the thorax as well as the genitourinary and female reproductive organs in the pelvis. The osteopathic concepts of mobility and motility will be introduced. Global diagnosis of the viscera and inhibition are discussed as well.

The course material will cover the thorax using long bone compression, recoil technique, exploring pulmonary fissures and the axis of the lungs with a focus on motility.  Treatment will be applied to all structures which pertain to the movement of the thorax and the underlying viscera; lungs, trachea, bronchi, mediastinum, heart, pericardium, and diaphragm.

The pelvis is explored using both motility and mobility, focusing on diagnosis and treatment of the ligamentous support structures as they relate to the uterus, bladder, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vas deferens, ureters, kidney, adrenal glands and more. This course can be either a wonderful extension of the understanding obtained from the first visceral course or an introduction to the concepts of Visceral Osteopathy.

Chapman's Reflexes were first described by Dr. Frank Chapman, DO in 1920, who described the palpatory findings as "small pearls of tapioca that are firm, partially fixed, and located under the skin in the deep fascia." The points are useful as a diagnostic aid for connecting internal pain to a specific pathology. The Chapman point is an outward physical representation of internal dysfunction or pathology of an organ system. These points can be used diagnostically and for treatment.

  • Visceral Manipulation IV (Thorax)
  • Visceral Manipulation V (Global Diagnosis)
  • Visceral Manipulation VI (Thermal Diagnosis)
  • Hua Shan Pa Chi Gung & Visceral Osteopathy
  • Visceral Manipulation III (Pelvis)
  • Thoracic Cage Compliance
  • Sports & Performing Arts Manipulation
  • Neuropathy & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Adhesive Capsulitis
  • Cervical Radiculopathy & Brachioplexopathy
  • Fertility, Infertility & Dysparunia
  • Menstruation & Pre Menstrual Syndrome
  • Incontinence of the Bowel & Bladder
  • Chapman's Reflex Points - Theory
  • Chapman's Reflex Points - Anterior Diagnosis
  • Chapman's Reflex Points - Posterior Treatment

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