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Tai Chi & Qigong - A Prescription for Optimal Health

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Tai Chi & Qigong - A Prescription for Optimal Health

I began studying Martial Arts In the mid 1980’s, nearly 20 years before I met Sifu Donald Wong who I study with now. In that time I had heard many remarkable stories about the healing properties of martial arts and qigong. What I learned studying the science was that many of these claims were, if anything, underselling the true potential that Taiji, Qigong, and other Chinese arts. 

Imagine going to your Healthcare Provider for your annual checkup and being told there was a single tablet which would help you sleep better, improve symptoms of depression and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, help digestion, control diabetes,  help you maintain cognition, improve bone density and muscle mass, help you age better, live longer, and avoid illness and injury. Would you be interested? 

This miracle cure exists, but it isn’t a tablet. It’s Taiji. 

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