Slow Down. Move Forward
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Slow Down. Move Forward.

Welcome to the Center for Balance!

As 2015 winds down many of us are celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah and looking ahead to the New Year. One of the most common Resolutions we make is to try a new activity or exercise more. Research has shown that if you can stick with your resolution for at least four weeks, you're more likely to make a durable change!

With this in mind, Center for Balance is offering a six week Tai Chi program completely free of charge in Hollis, New Hampshire. Tai Chi combines the health benefits of moderate low impact exercise and the emotional benefits associated with meditation! Tai Chi moves in a deliberate and purposeful manner which allows the mind to coordinate the breath and the body. The benefits of Tai Chi for your health and well being can be remarkable. Brigham and Womens, and Beth Israel, Massachusetts General Hospital have all conducted research into the positive health benefits of both Tai Chi and mindful meditation.

If you have ever been interested in practicing mindfulness or Tai Chi, we invite you to take this opportunity to make a positive change in your life in the New Year. Classes will begin on Sunday January 10th at 10am. Classes are one hour long. Please wear comfortable clothes and be ready to free your feet! Barefoot practice is great for strengthening the foot and improving balance. 

Have a Merry Christmas and we hope to see you in the New Year!

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